With the new release on December 12, 2017, the Addon feature was activated. With this feature, you can define subscription franchises with bundles. You can define addons in 3 steps:

  1. The Services screen identifies the basic services that the SaaS product offers to its customers.
  2. Then we will go to the sales page on the Subscription Plan screen and define the subscription package.
  3. By adding new Service Offering definitions to the Subscription Plan that we have defined, addon definitions will be completed.

Each Service Offering we add to the Subscription Plan corresponds to one addon. We can define 3 types of addon:

  1. OnOff: Can be used in contexts where a service is known to be active/inactive. It can be used for unoccupied services or for unlimited use of services with quota. For example, this addon type can be used to offer a paid pâté instead of a free pâté that is a service feature.
  2. Fixed Quantity: The amount of usage during the renewal periods is not reset, but is the type of addon that is handed over to the next month. This addon type can be used to license the service to the user.
  3. Metered: The type of add-on service that is reset during each refresh period. The data/voice / SMS packages offered by the telecom services are included in this addon.