is a cloud-based HR software that allows you to manage permissions, payroll, advances and expenses, embezzlement, personal information, meal cards and many other processes online. It does not require any installation. Once you become a member, you can start using it instantly for free.

EASY uses a 15-day trial period for a subscription. Standard subscription starting at the end of 15 days starts at $ 49 per month. Initially, there are 50 staff quotas. For every 50 staff after 50 staff, an additional 50 TL fee is added to the subscription price.

For example, if a company with 40 employees pays 49 TL per month, a company with 80 employees must pay 99 TL per month.

Package Description

First of all, let’s do our offer in the subscreen console. The subscription is renewed monthly and starts at 49 TL. Since the subscription model is not for a limited time, the customer must continue until canceled. So we mark the “Continue subscription until subscriber cancels” option.

Number of Users Description

The offer definition was implemented. For now, we can only define the price and duration. But EASY has a dynamic pricing model. The subscription may increase or decrease depending on the number of users. To model this fiction, we need to add offer_a, number of users as a bundle.

Additional Service (Bundle) Definitions

Suppose 40 of the 50 people are in use. At the end of the term, the amount of use should not be reset and should remain at 40/50. Therefore, we define the supplementary service as “Seat Based” type.

This service was initially limited to 50 people. Then “Quota Amount” must be 50.

50 TL is requested for every 50 people after the first 50 people quota is filled. We must define the package overcharge for this fiction. Let’s define 48 TL for each 49 people after the quota is overrun.

The definition of subscription was made. At the moment we are ready to sell our package:

You can perform the subscription with the following command. In the example, a test card was used:

The subscription was sold. The next process will manage the subscrEASY and charge the recurring charges from the specified credit card, update the amount to be charged if the package is exceeded, and charge the usage fee. If you activate the Customer Notification feature, you will receive customer notifications via email, SMS at the required times.